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ALOFT Construction Drone Photography

ALOFT Drone Photography LLC is your local Albuquerque area's trusted source for providing aerial drone photography and videography in support of local construction companies, home builders and land developers. Although we're a smaller, locally owned and operated business, we provide drone capabilities that rival some of the more expensive, larger competitors on the market! We can support your current or future industrial project with crystal-clear aerial digital still images (up to 48 megapixels) and seamless 4K HDR video footage (up to 60 frames-per-second).


Generally speaking, ALOFT's clients in the construction company, home builder and land developer fields benefit greatly from using aerial drone technology by realizing substantial cost savings and limiting wasted man-hours. Below is a partial list of the more common examples of how drones are being used in these fields today. ALOFT provides all of the following services, and many others for our Albuquerque area clients.

ALOFT Drone Photography LLC cement foundation at an Albuquerque, N.M. construction site

LAYOUT AND MAPPING - Quick and easily adjustable  aerial vantage points provide superior views to aid with structural layout and design. Overhead 2-D mapping can also simplify decision making and architectural considerations.

EQUIPMENT TRACKING - Clear aerial photographs and videos provide a fast and accurate method of accountability and inventorying of on-site heavy equipment, assets, and materials. 

REMOTE MONITORING - Enable site monitoring when physical on-site visits aren't possible or inconvenient. Aerial photography and videos can also easily be shared with site teammates for collaboration.

PROGRESSION UPDATES - Daily, weekly, or monthly build-progression updates can be used to ensure a site project stays on schedule. Time-lapse (hyperlapse) video technology can also be used to quickly review or document a specific on-site task or process.

SITE SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE - Site perimeters, entry control points and limited or restricted access areas can be aerially photographed or video recorded to confirm controlled access or identify weaknesses. 

PERSONNEL SAFETY - Potential worker slips, falls or accidents can be avoided by using aerial drone photographs and videography to visualize areas that are difficult to access.

STRUCTURE INSPECTIONS AND STATUS - Aerial drone photos and video can safely, quickly and accurately identify the current status and condition of on-site structures, components and equipment. 

As you can see, there are many reasons for using a drone to support construction, home builder and land developer sites. Reach out to ALOFT today to schedule your real estate, inspection, construction or cinematography package. Or, contact us to receive a FREE quote for your specific aerial photography or videography needs. 

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