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ALOFT Zillow Showcase Bundle

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Boost your listing's visibility on with our Zillow Showcase Bundle! This service includes everything you need to get more views for your listing on the Zillow real estate platform. According to Zillow, boosted listings receive twice as many views as non-boosted listings.


Zillow offers agents two ways to boost their listings: Level One Boost and the more powerful Level Two Boost. NOTE: Zillow will only boost listings on that include both a Zillow 3D home tour AND interactive Zillow floor plans. Our Zillow Showcase Bundle includes both products.



Level One Boost: Agents looking for the most economical boost can simply order our Zillow Showcase Bundle. Your real estate listing will appear in the top of the search list results on, and a unique Zillow 3D home tour icon will appear on your listing so viewers can tell at a glance that your listing has a 3D home tour with interactive Zillow floor plans.


Level Two Boost: Agents who want a top-tier boost on must purchase our Zillow Showcase Bundle AND a “Listing Showcase” upgrade directly from Zillow. Your listing will appear on's search map and in the top of the search list results with a "SHOWCASE" banner and sparkle symbol. Your listing will also contain your 3D home tour, interactive Zillow floor plans, higher resolution images, and additional agent/brokerage branding along with a button to contact the listing agent directly.  

Zillow sets the "Listing Showcase" upgrade costs, and you can inquire about that HEREWhen you order a "Listing Showcase" upgrade from, you must request ALOFT Drone Photography LLC as your photographer by clicking “I have my own photographer”. You MUST then send the invitation to We will accept your invitation. During your photo session we'll create your Zillow 3D home tour and interactive Zillow floor plans, and upload them along with your photos to to boost your listing! 


NOTE: The interactive Zillow floor plans in this bundle will substitute any free 2D floor plans we offer from CubiCasa. 


Zillow's "Listing Showcase" informational video: Zillow Listing Showcase program overview


A Zillow "Listing Showcase" sample listing: Zillow Listing Showcase sample listing


Order your "Listing Showcase" upgrade to get a Level Two Boost from Zillow here: Zillow Listing Showcase Order

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