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ALOFT Silver Drone Photo & Video Package 

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Silver Drone Package


ALOFT Drone Photography LLC's Silver Drone Package is a great mid-level package option and a step up from our Bronze Drone PackageWith this package selection you'll receive fifteen (15) crystal-clear, aerial digital still photographs of your choice AND a one-minute 4K video compilation (ex: dronie, rocket, bomb-shot, orbit, etc.). For additional photos, a longer video compilation and hyperlapse video option please check out our Gold Drone Package page. ALOFT's still images have a resolution up to 48 megapixels and our 4K HDR videos are recorded at up to 60 frames-per-second and display a resolution that is four times clearer than 1080P HD format. Your photographs and videos can also be taken and provided to you in either landscape or portrait formats. 

ALOFT services the entire Albuquerque metro area including Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, and Corrales. Our travel to and from your session site, all of your imagery editing (including color enhancements) and digital delivery of your products are included in your package price! So, what exactly do the drone movement and video terms above mean? The following is a brief description of each of them:

DRONIE - Much like the term "selfie" is used to refer to someone who takes a photo or video of themselves with the camera on their own cellphone, a dronie is a term used when a drone shoots video of a subject while pulling away and upwards. This movement technique is often used by drone pilots to create a revealing effect of the subject or to highlight the areas around the subject focal point. 

ROCKET - This unique movement is used to describe a drone that records video footage of a subject while flying straight up with its gimbal controlled camera focused and locked onto the subject focal point. The movement has a unique spotlight-like effect on the subject and is often used to showcase the facade or elevation of buildings, structures, and other large objects. 


BOMB SHOT- This great drone movement is similar to viewing a subject through the eyes of an aircraft bombardier, straight downward at a large area or focal point. It can be used while flying forward, backward, or sideways and is a very cinematic view often use in aerial real estate videography and footage for city areas and nature scenes. 

ORBIT - This classic drone movement is used to refer to a drone that is recording aerial videography while flying in a circular or semi-circular motion. It can be accomplished in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction and at different speeds and altitudes for varying effects. When used properly, the orbit is a great way to view all sides of a commercial or residential property, construction site area, or even a large gathering or event.

In addition to the commonly used drone movements above that many remote pilots use to record video footage; ALOFT can also incorporate free-flowing drone movements to add a unique cinematic style to your videos based on your subject focal point and your requirements. Because our Silver Drone Package provides additional photographs and video footage that our entry-level Bronze Drone Package does not, it is an even better choice for all of our service categories including real estate, inspections, construction and cinematography. 

Whether you live in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo or Corrales, ALOFT wants to be YOUR trusted drone photography service provider for all your aerial imagery needs. In addition to providing you with professional service, our goal is to complete your aerial photography and videography session and have your aerial imagery products in your hands within 24-48 hours. Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding our packages or services, or click below to schedule your ALOFT Silver Drone Package today!

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