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All About ALOFT Drone Photography LLC

Hello! I'm William, the proud owner of ALOFT Drone Photography LLC. ALOFT is a U.S. veteran-owned, fully insured Limited Liability Company (LLC) and conducts commercial drone operations as a legally registered and licensed small business within the state of New Mexico. 


As the lead Remote Pilot-In-Command of all ALOFT client missions, I have completed a formal Commercial Pilot Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training course via Pilot Institute and maintain a current Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate as required by the  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Any pilot conducting commercial drone operations is legally required to have an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. ALOFT conducts its business and flight operations in strict accordance with all federal, state and local requirements. 


My company provides aerial drone photography and videography services for government, industry and private sector clients in and around the Albuquerque metro area including Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, and Corrales. ALOFT is covered by for up to $1M in liability insurance for every client mission we fly. The company's service categories include: real estate, construction, inspections and cinematography. ALOFT is a locally-operated business and physically located in the city of Rio Rancho, just northwest of the Albuquerque area. 

When it comes to drone service providers, I understand there are a lot of competitors on the market. As a 22-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force I pride myself on instilling the core values of Integrity, Service and Excellence into all of my clients' needs. As the owner of ALOFT, my goal is to provide you with the highest quality aerial drone photography and videography products. And, equally surpass your expectations and win your future business. Contact ALOFT today to see what we can do for you! 

ALOFT Drone Photography owner remote pil
ALOFT Drone Photography LLC owner remote
ALOFT Drone Photography owner remote pil
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