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ALOFT Aerial Drone Inspections

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ALOFT Drone Photography LLC is your local Albuquerque area trusted drone service provider for performing aerial visual inspections! Manually performing a visual inspection or assessment of an elevated item or area can be physically dangerous and often times, very time consuming. Accidental slips and falls, lack of accessibility and cost savings are three great reasons to use a drone to complete your elevated inspection or assessment. ALOFT's crystal-clear aerial still photographs and 4K video capabilities allow you to easily check the status of hard-to-reach equipment and areas, while avoiding the unneeded risk of potential falls and personal injury. 


ALOFT performs aerial inspections and component assessments for government, industry, and private sector clients in and around the Albuquerque metro area including Rio Rancho, Bernalillo and Corrales. Outside of FAA controlled airspace areas, ALOFT can generally perform aerial inspections up to 400 feet above ground level. This altitude ceiling is more than high enough for the vast majority of our clients' requirements. At your request, ALOFT will travel to your session site, conduct your aerial inspection and have your footage completed and submitted to you...normally within 24-48 hours. The following is just a short list of some of the most common types of aerial inspections and assessments we can perform for our clients.

RESIDENTIAL SOLAR PANELS AND COMMERCIAL SOLAR ARRAYS - ALOFT can quickly and easily identify dirty, damaged, or misaligned panels that cause degradation to your system's solar energy production.


CELLPHONE, RADIO AND TELEVISION BROADCASTING ANTENNAS - Component misalignment or damage, equipment statuses and poor reception or communication issues can easily and quickly be identified. 


RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL HEATING, VENTILATING AND AIR CONDITIONING (HVAC) UNITS - Equipment and component statuses that cause degradation in performance including rust, corrosion or damage are easily assessable. 

COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL ROOFING - Flat, tile or shingle roofing conditions including damage, wear, and the potential causes of water leaks can easily be identified. 

RESIDENTIAL HOME AND COMMERCIAL BUILDING GUTTERS, DRAINAGE SYSTEMS AND DOWNSPOUTS - Commercial building and residential home downspouts, gutters and drainage systems can be thoroughly inspected and assessed for cleanliness, damage, or blockages.

FACILITY WINDOWS, SKYLIGHTS, VENTS AND CHIMNEYS - The exterior of elevated windows, skylights, vents, and chimneys can be thoroughly inspected and assessed for the cause of water leaks or sealing issues. 

When all is said and done, the list of purposes that a drone can be used for aerial inspections is almost limitless. ALOFT is ready to assist all of our Albuquerque area clients with their specific needs. Contact us today to schedule your real estate, inspection, construction or cinematography package. Or, reach out to us to receive a FREE quote for your specific aerial photography or videography needs. 

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